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Registration & Movement contains data including demographic, income, insurance, and patient movement data in support of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services provided by VHA. Eligibility and enrollment data utilized during the registration process is verified with or directly imported from the authoritative source (HEC). Registration data is utilized to determine whether services provided are related to service connected disabilities, to determine whether co-pay is appropriate, and/or for billing to third party insurance. The detailed diagnosis, procedures, and administrative data in this domain is utilized to determine costing and revenue as well as statistical aggregation for reporting (regulatory requirements). Patient movement data within this domain reflects inpatient activity and movements for all patients receiving care in a VA facility or in a non-VA facility under VA auspices. The movement data includes admission, discharge, and transfer movements; Lodger check-in and check-out, physical location, Leave and Pass Days; diagnoses, facility treating specialty; as well as the procedures and surgeries performed from the time of admission to the time of discharge from inpatient care. The domain also includes data related to quarterly census of all active patients. Census records are automatically initiated by the VistA system and are completed by HIM staff quarterly, as indicated for designated Census End Date, for each patient admitted (and not discharged) and actively receiving care in VA facilities and Community Nursing Homes under VHA auspices on the census data. Also houses Registration specific information for patients that intend to register with the VHA but not necessarily enroll.

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