Normalized Data Objects

Normalized Data Objects illustrate the information requirements of Business Process Models and how they intersect to classes and enumerations that exist in the Business Information Model.

Changes since previous VHA BIM release (July 2016):

VHA Normalized Data Object Diagrams
Inventory Supply Order Inventory Status Notification Inventory Forecast Inventory Control Parameters Inventory Transfer Report Knowledge Result Laboratory Report Medication Inventory Item Medication Intervention Response Medication Intervention Request Medication Disposal Documentation Medication Administration Record Mental Health Triage Report Mental Health Treatment Encounter Report Mental Health Outcomes Report Mental Health Evaluation Report Mental Health Care Transition Report Nursing Order Nutrition Order Order Set Patient Location Patient Medication Profile Patient Prescription Transfer Information Intervention Resolution Pharmacy Inventory Report Pharmacy Medication Order Check Result Prescription External Transfer Request Prescription External Transfer Response Prescription Transfer Rejection Prior Authorization Documentation Product List Product List Update Proposed Supply Order Inquiry Proposed Supply Order Inquiry Response Recall Notice Refill Reject Notification Specimen Specimen Chain Of Custody Specimen Reference Information Third Party Adjudication Response Third Party Claim Infectious Disease Monitoring Report Imaging Order Health Care Order Template Formulation Instructions External Prescription Inquiry Response Expert Availability Result Dispense Documentation Delta Check Delivery Tracking Decision Support Intervention Results Consult LIM Confirmation To Payables Collated Prescriptions Clinical Event Schedule Access Management Request Clinical Image Information Admission Discharge Transfer Information Automation Medication Fulfillment Response Automation Medication Fulfillment Request Mental Health Wait List Report Patient Demographics Population External Report Patient External Report IDES Referral Package Disability Referral Triage Transition Notification Surveillance Response Plan Specimen Shipping List Specimen Shipment Acknowledgement Specimen Rejection Smart Template Routing Information Resource Availability Information Record  Security Attributes Quality Control Results Provider To Patient Message Provider Assignment Proposed Population Interventions Prescription Potential Population Trend Report Perpetual Inventory Balance Patient Screening Information Patient Review/Action List Patient Notification Patient Movement Information Patient Information Update Patient Identity Patient Health Record Patient Counseling Patient Cohort Data Patient Consent Patient Assessment Other Health Insurance Order Suggestion List Order Status Notification Order Rejection Security Notification Non DOD/VA Clinical Information MU Transition Of Care MU Patient List MU Clinical Information Reconciliation Military Service Record Medication Order Mass Immunization Record Laboratory Order Immunization Schedule Immunization Record Immunization Need Cohort Report Clinical Patient Demographics Immunization Order Identity and Data Capture Information Health Care Order Final Medication Product External Result Report Immunization Exemption Or Exception Entitlement Eligibility Enrollment Disclosure Report Discharge Summary Discharge Instruction Diagnostic Suggestion Delegation Request Decision Support Alert Clinical Result CDS Utilization Information CDS Suggested Target Areas CDS Suggested Intervention CDS Specification CDS Smart Tool : Population Cohort Data Mining CDS Smart Tool : Health Profile CDS Population Incidence Flag CDS Output Specification CDS Output CDS Input Specification CDS Input CDS Health Risk Assessment CDS Health Management Patient Inventory by Determinant(s) CDS Disposition Checklist CDS Case Management Smart Search CDS Care Plan Update Decision Tool CDS Care Plan Notification CDS Care Plan Action Alert Case/Disease Management Referral Case/Disease Management Panel Care Plan Update Request Care Plan Caregiver Assessment Break-The-Glass Report Automated Lab Procedure Auditing/Logging Adverse Reaction Documentation Adverse Event Report Admission Order Accession Label Access Control Information




NameNormalized Data Objects
Name Expression
Nesting PackageVHA
Owned Template Signature
Owning Template Parameter
Qualified NameVHA::Normalized Data Objects
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