Clinical Decision Support

The Clinical Decision Support (CDS) capability supports clinical decision making by providing a process for enhancing health-related decisions and actions with pertinent, organized clinical knowledge and patient information to improve health and healthcare delivery. Information recipients can include patients, clinicians and others involved in patient care delivery; information delivered can include general clinical knowledge and guidance, intelligently processed patient data, or a mixture of both; and information delivery formats can be drawn from a rich palette of options that includes data and order entry facilitators, filtered data displays, reference information, alerts, order checks and others. The CDS software integrates individual electronic patient records (EPR) with coded clinical data, global medical knowledge, and institutional protocols. This technology provides the power to reason and make clinical inferences across the patient record, using data from multiple sources within an institution’s existing information systems. CDS assists the provider in determining the timing and sequencing of testing, orders, and other necessary clinical actions. This capability function allows the provider to evaluate the clinical need for a specific test and evaluate the type of testing to be conducted, based on standards of care and best medical practices/evidence-based care. 

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