Womens Health

Women's Health contains patient, procedure, and notification data. Patient data includes the patient's demographics, the case manager, the current or next cervical and breast treatment need and its due date, the PAP regimen along with the date it began, and other data such as the patient's pregnancy and due date. Procedure data includes any of the diagnostic and therapeutic tests, exams, or other interventions the patient receives. Procedure types include PAP smear, colposcopy, mammogram, cone biopsy, and others. The procedure data includes the data performed, the provider and clinic, the results and diagnoses. Notifications refer to any type of communication or correspondence with the patient, such as first, second, and third letters, certified letters, phone calls, and messages left. This data is used as a patient management tool for tracking the breast and gynecologic treatment needs of women, the procedures they receive, and the communications between healthcare staff and women regarding their treatment and follow-up. The domain also includes a full range of breast and gynecologic cancer screening and tracking data. Healthcare providers and program administrators use the data for management reports for comparison of program trends and program-wide epidemiological reports. Epidemiological reports include things like the number of women who received a mammogram or Pap smear for a selected time period.

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